About us

Who we are

HADL General Trading, based in Beirut and incorporated in 2017, is a forward-thinking trading company, with confidence to consistently deliver value added and durable products for the Middle East region. Our benchmark is to exterminate the pain points of small to medium businesses by offering products that help in cutting cost, boosting productivity and generating revenues.
HADL vision is to foster community wellbeing and prosperity by offering the highest technological products directly from manufacturer with after sale support, services and guarantees.
“Bridging the right product to the right need”, HADL values rely on integrity, transparency, efficiency, customer satisfaction and creating real value added.

What we do

HADL introduces today SOLO® products that are German engineered, built tough and made to last. That's why they are the first choice of farmers, professional landscapers and do-it-yourselfers everywhere. In fact, SOLO® has earned global recognition for superior quality equipment since 1948. SOLO has today the highest quality sprayers, blowers, spreaders, and cut-off saws in the global market today.
All individuals, agricultural, wineries, landscape professional and Forest Conservation Initiatives in the region are invited to take part in the modernization of the agriculture sector in Middle East region.
And that is just the start!